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Every month, the topic wines will introduce you to a few vintages that have caught our attention. It comes to wines from organic areas or biodynamics, because today is that the future, and more there will be conscious consumers of the issues, most producers will make efforts to return to a more natural method to raise and maintain the vines, but also to vinify.


Industry and huge machines have invaded some vineyards with performance and profit objectives, neglecting quality. These practices are also found in all agriculture.

As supermarkets wine buyers are able to buy trucks from dozens of pallets of wine between € 1.50 and € 3.00 bottle, imagine that there is a real work of winemaker behind?

But in the middle of uniformity, gigantic properties, there are small vineyards, with major vintners, conscious of the nectar they sell to their customers, and to transmit to their children of land and the vines healthy.

It is making them visit, meeting at fairs to the wines or lounges, sipping their wine you become demanding. Because by buying these bottles they have carefully produced, you live a story; that of a man or a woman, a terroir, a culture and a know-how that has points in common with nature, one that we must preserve because it is our greatest treasure.

You will see, the whole nature is in these bottles of wine, expressing so much that our five senses must be awake to explore. And if sometimes wine you purchased is not to your liking, take you out of the spirit that it is because it is organic.

Each vine across the France and the world is required to survive the climatic hazards, but the decisive element will forever be linked to care and the talent of the winegrower, from beginning to end the process.

Le Muscadet

It's time to rediscover it!

Vins de Muscadet

Nantes-Montaigu, the dam of the cru…

Just installed in Alsace, Kingdom of white wine, I hasten to some infidelities, and the first led me across the France in the Nantes region.

Mad white or Melon de Bourgogne?

He spent a part of my life the holidays end of year not far from Nantes, I have many memories, or I remember open baskets of oysters to the sound of Muscadet caps or large plant.

Nectars in this region are struggling to regain their letters of nobility, however, some winemakers are struggling to defend their land, their traditions, and these wines they love so much.

The big plant, poor of the region is the fruit of the wild white, and nothing to do with this woman that found the night by the roadside in a few horror movies, or in regional legends, it is the name of this typical grape of the region that gives acidic wines, brilliant color , and little pronounced taste.

The most famous wines of the region is of course the Muscadet, and responsible for vine of this pretty drink is once again a nice name, melon of Burgundy. Indeed, forgotten nowadays by Burgundy, its area of origin, it gives to this wine freshness and roundness when taking care of him.

This is the case of Michel Menager at the field of the Parentiere. Since 1984 in Agriculture organic and biodynamic. Care of the Earth and vineyards, traditional vinification on Lees method, give this Muscadet Clos du Moulin 2014 a nice balance that the manual harvest has already well prepared.

This is a nice wine that already gives pleasure, and which should book good times in a few years blossomed in a good cellar…

Enjoy with… good friends, a beautiful platter of seafood around.

And also… with this cod to turnips glazed

To contact the field: email: michel.menager@yahoo.fr or

The field is located in VALLET, 25 Km Southeast of Nantes. Unfortunately, no website.

Le Crozes-hermitage

Syrah Nevada!

Vins de Crozes-hermitage rouge

Red Crozes, a sure value!

When my lovely wife took in his former life foreign to the restaurant guests to impress them without for as much spending tons, she sent me at the beginning of each meal the wine list so I advise. And guess what, I won (Finally it!) most popular with red Crozes-hermitage.

Generous wines…

Why so successful?

Probably because the Red Crozes-hermitage are generous wines, with a framework necessary for the development of its unique grape, the Syrah, but with finesse and elegance that contributes to both appeal to women than to men.

Ideal companion of a meal dishes and various guests, Crozes-hermitage supports spices, as it distorts not delicate flavours.

So what could be more natural for me to talk about one of these many Crozes-hermitage at the beginning of this topic. Especially since the domain Breyton is in many respects in accordance with the spirit of this Blog:

The practice of biodynamics says Jacques Breyton, is characterized by a return to land by replacing chemical weedkillers by animal, vegetable and mineral preparations which are applied depending on the lunar calendar.  Biodynamics reinvigorated the Earth and restores a balance the plant and soil.

Acceding to the DEMETER organization since 2002, we respond to a supplementary specification to organic agriculture. 

2013 of his red Crozes is a model of flexibility and gluttony. Both round and fruity, it leaves explode with aromas of red fruit in the mouth. A real treat right now, but it is certain that if you have the patience to wait a few bottles, it will issue other pleasures in a few 2-3 years.

I will not fail to recommend their white which is also very good Bill… Then both what to do…

To contact the domain: domain Breyton or domain: 1 Chemin Raisinieres, 26600 Beaumont-Monteux




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