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What is naturopathy?


We discovered the naturopathy through a friend, who had decided a few years back "about sticking" to change lane and change of life.

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The aftermath of drunk…

Comment se refaire une santé les lendemains de cuite ?

Broad topic! in our country or the good food is legion,.

We sometimes let go to drink a bit more than it should…

It is so good to let go you say?

But the next day we are left with the bar, dry mouth, not terrible breath, and a furious urge to eat

Oh the you friend who goes to the Kebab or Burger, you don't know that you written you a far worse punishment!

We will teach you how to make a meal that will heal your stomach mauled and help you to recover instead of aggravate your case 🙂

Kitchen 4 hands

I like to spend a day of cooking 4 hands with my children, in turn (I have four so there what to do!). We give ourselves a theme, we exchange our ideas, and I decide to dishes since it's me the head hehe!

My last experience was with my eldest son aged 25, and to my surprise (or almost) he chose as the theme: how to recover after an evening out too watered?

Firstly, because we are reasonable adults who must give the example, should say that it is best to limit consumption of alcohol (in principle, 1 to 2 glasses of red wine, preferably by day), focusing on wine to spirits.

Indeed, the negative consequences on our Organization are not neglected, then a piqure baby of recall does not hurt:

1. Les effets de l’alcool

Alcohol it grey, but not only!

Without making too long theoretical presentation, a little reminder of what you probably already read / seen:

-Alcohol calories are: a glass of red or white wine = 70kcal, vodka = 115 kcal about beer: between 100 and 115kcal. See this interesting picture: made the comparison, a Niçoise salad = between 75 and 180 kcal… 100g of chicken breast = 110 kcal about.

So by drinking 2 glasses of wine, you have almost the equivalent energy of a light meal! And if you have from Moreover ate a good dinner, the addition increases fast! where the feeling of being smeared or even gag overnight an baked.

-Consumption of alcohol after a rich meal too rich in fat will be eliminated more slowly than with an empty stomach or after eating a light meal containing some proteins and a big plate of vegetables

-Alcohol is an exciting and disrupts sleep: it often causes multiple nocturnal Awakenings, and in waking up even after a lie-in, it often still feels tired.

It is often at the origin of sweating at night, because the body seeks to "burn" this too full caloric, while the night is usually the opposite. It is a "micro – hibernation" (1) to be used in the body to regenerate.

'The excess alcohol directly neurons destroyed and damaged most of the fabrics' (1), the best is to avoid excessive too often!

-Alcohol dehydrates, or more precisely it disturbs water balance control, which leads to elimination of excessive water. The symptoms of dehydration are signs of fatigue, back pain or neck, and headache.

2. Les aliments et boissons à éviter

Not aggravate your case!

Your body is acidified with alcohol abuse, so avoid foods that will just make you feel even more muddy as (these include only a few):

-Citrus fruits, kiwi, pineapple, red fruit, apricots

-Tomatoes, cauliflower, artichoke, asparagus

-Dairy products

-The mustard, ketchup, or derivatives, tomato sauce vinegar

-Coffee (slows digestion, not headaches)

-Sodas (effect guaranteed ball)

-Sweet drinks and all fast sugars, cakes, candies etc (bar to the key big kick)

And of course, no 'bad' fat!

To ban, French fries, kebab, burgers and all foods to which there is a tendency to turn due to lack of information.

The bold "don't sponge" not alcohol, it's a myth! It will be just feel you even more bloated, nauseated and heavy like a stone!

3. Buvez des seaux d’eau, pas des sodas !

Hydrate: priority

Some basic tips are needed. As already mentioned above, it will be necessary to hydrate, and not with anything. Water remains your best ally. Need to drink much and throughout the day, to "purge" his body.

Energize you: go take a ride on foot or by bicycle, swim if you like, in short do a little exercise. The idea is not to violence but to bring oxygen to your cells and you rust off a little. You sleep better evening, therefore double benefit.

4. Idées recettes

The first drink to swallow in the morning

A mixture of lemon juice, ginger and warm water (or just of lemon, it will also do the trick). This drink can be consumed every morning, because the lemon helps detoxify the liver while being rich in vitamin C and Ginger gives a "whip" more durable than coffee.

Juice detox

For the most motivated, are you a "detox" juice that you can drink throughout the day. The blender or the juice Extractor, mix e.g. melon, cucumber and mint leaves it's super refreshing and very healthy!

You can also opt for a mint tea and lemon balm, Chamomile or licorice, plants recommended to calm the acidity. Melissa will be particularly effective in cases of nausea and stomach upset. It is a plant of thousand digestive virtues.

A few small original recipes

A Board, if you're not hungry, do not force yourself to eat, even if it should last all day. The young can be a good opportunity to do some major domestic cleaning.

Bet on the soup!

When you onsite, to restore your intestinal flora strained, Miso soup is a light and healthy meal. The recipe here.

Not all ready bag: teaches you how to make the real Japanese, delicious Miso soup and full of probiotics good bacteria that are struggling against bad installed in your digestive system.

The Festival continues!

For cocktails, here are some that you will not be too hard, quite to the contrary:

A cocktail of raw vegetables gaspacho (no tomato preferably) can be a good option in the summer.

Recipe for beet gazpacho and watermelon here

And for irreducible gourmands

Pretty fried of cassava (gluten to be browned in a skillet) accompanied by guacamole will be a friendly and delicious snack. Recipe here

In conclusion, you have understood and probably lived, the aftermath of clay are still painful, and even moments if avoiding mistakes, and by following these tips, you will perhaps succeed in limiting case, it is certain that the abuses are never good, and to repeat too often we end up weakening his body and tiring. You beautiful sleep, it will not compensate the accumulated fatigue, then: think fun, think quality, think moderation, and especially think about the next day!

(1) source: Okinawa, a comprehensive programme for better living. Dr. Jean-Paul Curtay. The paperback editions