Tell me about salads!

The summer sun has arrived!

The arrival of the first rays of Sun – even though it was really slow to point his nose this year – causes some changes in the way we eat if we take care to listen to. Each season a lot of nice surprises of nature, and the summer is an opportunity to indulge themselves with beautiful tomatoes, tasty melons, peppers trilogy and other delicious fruits when they are ripe and organic preferably.

Add merriment to your salads!

The variety of salads that you can imagine has no limits, and if you follow a few basic principles, you can vary the pleasures, whether it is an input or a dish.

We do not think often enough to use the fruit in our salads, it's ideal to eat during the meal, they bring interesting flavors.

I for my part attaches great importance to the colors in my salads, it is a landmark that I trust often when I Cook. The harmony of the colours is a good indication of the gustative harmony, even if the key to success is of course the seasoning. There too, the fruits may play a role interesting in the development of your sauces for salads.

The salad, flat zero waste!

If like me, you set the target zero waste, you will enjoy yourself to make your fridge leftover salad. A rest of pasta, bulgur, quinoa, a background of ratatouille, 2/3 Greens, a few grains of corn, a lonely tomato, half a cucumber, a touch of chives, the youngest of a family of Onion Tops and voila.

To keep your salad one meal on the other, simply use the sauce aside.

 A full meal

Given the multitude of different ingredients that can mix in a salad, it is easy to make a single dish full, healthy, nourishing, with the body nutrients.

Even if you are vegetarian, protein provided by cereals and/or legumes will be broadly sufficient. Should just be used to keep small remnants in good conditions to accommodate at best during the week.

Here is the example of this Red Bean Salad which is nothing more than a beautiful assortment of my fridge remains.

The sauce that makes the difference

For sauces, this is pretty much the same thing… Over your desires, start with a base and let your imagination, is infinite… You need to make the salad dressing traditional oil, an acidic element such as vinegar or lemon juice, and then of the salt and pepper. Then no need to buy salad dressing all made, you'll save money, and you'll see that yours are much better (and far richer in nutrients).

By dint make sauces salad, you eventually have variants that it loves more than others, and above all, it must adapt its dominant type of salad to be prepared. The sauce must transcend the flavors of the ingredients.

For example, a simple sauce that has rocked my childhood, my grandmother:

Squeeze the juice of one lemon in a case of mustard and 1 cac of puree of almonds, mix, salt and pepper. Add a garlic clove, crushed or finely chopped shallots, and add a good organic olive oil until sauce is creamy. You can relax 1-2 case of water so that it coats well the salad leaves (this will prevent the walnut oil). Choose a salad freshly harvested, slightly crisp, and at the last moment sprinkle with chives.

We are many to appreciate carrots grated with the juice of lemon and olive oil, but you can also add a teaspoon of mustard and orange juice that you have made to reduce a few minutes on the fire so that it thickens a bit. It's delicious, and carrots love orange juice!

Think spice and herbs

If you like Asian typed salads, grated ginger is inescapable, and combining crushed garlic, finely minced Lemongrass (fresh or frozen) and a hint of Chili, you get the sauces that titillate the taste buds.

As in this recipe of papaya to the pomelo salad and avocado.

A few ideas…

Use spices and herbs in sauces to salads to vary the pleasures while taking care of his health.

Mustard and pepper are the main spices used, yet it is possible to boost your salads by adding cumin grated carrots or beets, you can also add a few drops of black cumin oil or Nigella in your dressing, it's a treat!

What is turmeric, rice or pasta are its allies. Put not too much, but you choose quality, preferably organic shop. And little tip for cooking the rice if you don't have a steamer:

"I do nacrer 300g rice in in a pot in the oven with a cover."

When the rice is translucent, I add 500g of water, 1 pinch of salt, and especially 1 seed cardamom and 1/2 star anise flower. I cover and I put in 20 minutes at 200 ° C oven. After 20 minutes I go out the dish, I rid the rice and let cool. "It is delicately perfumed, and whether you eat it hot or cold in salads, it's a simple treat to make."

As for herbs, it is according to taste. Personally, I like not too mix them, they each have such personality. Whether it's the chives, coriander, parsley, chervil, tarragon, basil, mint, it is always better for the carving knife and add it at the last moment, you preserve her outfit and its aromatic qualities.

And as simple things are often the best:

Try this salad recipe:

"Mix two or three salads from the garden, or BIO, well washed and dried thoroughly, which you cut leaves in 2.

Add a bouquet of fresh herbs and mix well:

Sticks of 3 cm chives, flowering of dill, tarragon, flat parsley leaves, and flowering of coriander leaves.

Finish by adding raspberry vinegar dressing at the last moment, it really an entry in its own right".

You can play!

You will of course find many recipes of salads which will feed the Blog, and feel free to give us your impressions, your stuff and your recipe ideas.

Now it's your turn…

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