Will lose you in the garden of Tropical Agronomy in Nogent-sur-marne.

Several reasons must lead you in this unusual place, firstly because we find that the waves are positive (well, it is a purely subjective opinion but we also shared our feelings on this blog!). Walk in the middle of the pavilions of the former tropical colonies, one can contemplate an exotic vegetation which gives this area a special atmosphere.

Colonial exhibition, 1907

The Park was established in 1899 to grow exotic species, and then on the occasion of the colonial exhibition in 1907, it was a timeless venue where 2 million people came to discover the habits and customs of the former colonies. Since then, nature remains in all its splendor, voluntarily maintained minimum, unlike the buildings which have undergone fire, or the damage of time.

The pavilions of Madagascar, Congo, Indochina, Tunisia, the Sudan and the Morocco had been rendered more real than nature for the occasion. “Indigènes” were the show for the visitors who had the opportunity to discover these beings from the end of the world which they had only a vague idea, that conveyed by the stories of travellers.

In the footsteps of the universal exhibition, Paris, 1855-1937, by Sylvain Ageorges editions Parigramme.

Pavilion Indochinese

Pavilion Indochinese

Esplanade of the DINH

A cocktail in harmony with the very spirit of the garden

The amazing peace garden is the cradle of many institutions working in the areas of sustainable development and international cooperation. Teachers, researchers, students cross customers, practitioners of martial arts, joggers, adherents of the meditation in nature, nostalgic or the descendants of the heroes of war whose monuments honor the memory.

 “Fresh, local vegetables and without chemical fertilizers.

If you have ever heard about “urban gardening”, probably the “urban farming” is it unknown. And for good reason, this initiative at the heart of the garden is part of an ambitious project under the name of ‘ V’ Fertile island. This is a participatory urban farm that develops a small food production targeted to favouring the use of organic waste in an ecological and educational spirit.

Bio cultures made by Nice, friendly people, with a pedagogical and professional approach in a beautiful and relaxing setting; a real discovery of happiness!

Fungi in the bois de Vincennes!

The highlight of the visit, it is the totally unexpected culture of mushrooms. In the cellar underneath the House (which was the guardian of the garden), strange bags covered with Oyster inhabit this space wet and dark. Raised in a mid-marc Café and sawdust, they flourish to the delight of our taste buds. Shiitakes are also grown somewhere else, and other species will certainly grown in the future.

Every weekend the production is offered for sale, as well as a delicious Mixed Greens freshly picked to order, salads, radishes, and any other season vegetable mature. Be not pressed: V’ Fertile Island invite you first to a “real” human exchange. You are not at the supermarket! you discuss with people who produce food and who have a project their taking really at heart, enjoy!

Pink oyster

For the curious who will ask all sorts of questions to members of this beautiful association, they will probably have the chance to discover sometimes tests in greenhouses, like these pink Oyster mushrooms.

spaghetti de riz aux shiitakés

Here is a delicious recipe made with the garden of Tropical Agronomy shiitake

What a delight to add to a recipe for mushrooms fresh so tasty and tender!