The smart kitchen

You'll earn fun

 and time!

Cooking on a daily basis, it is often a headache!

How to eat healthy and varied every day, while there is little time? We have some tips to simplify your life, that comes from our experience of Parisians squeezed.

We help you arrange to spend the least possible time in the kitchen.






It is:

1.     Learn how to make his races differently

2.     Take care well store them to optimize their storage

3.     To cook in advance one or more 'bases' that we learn to decline in several simple recipes throughout the week

First step: races

Firstly, the aim is to purchase only seasonal produce, the freshest possible and organic preferably in quantity corresponding to your consumption average (zero waste!).

-forget the wagon full of already prepared products. The idea is to make simple homemade dishes as much as possible, stick you just to "raw" products that you want to eat: vegetables, fruit, meat, fish… There is necessarily the remains that you accommoderez differently, and at least an unexpected.  We give you lots of ideas for cooking the remains.

-Note the ingredients on different parts of a worksheet based on the RADIUS where you find, you will gain valuable time.

-Set yourself a budget, note the reasonable price if you do not remember, and especially try to not leave you divert from your list, except for the case of the week, but in this case, plan to replace a flat planned initially.

Second step: my kitchen storage

Critical step in saving time, it takes the method in your food storage:

-Closets well stored with commodities that will complement the fresh products, and bring you the complement of proteins, vitamins and other nutrients (cereals, pulses, flour, oils, vegetable drinks, spices…). You can see the list of my closet-type here.

-A healthy, clear and tidy and good temperature fridge. More than any other place in the kitchen it is essential that certain rules are respected. So place products with long shelf life in the bottom of the fridge, the preparations and cooking first on the front. A fridge which eventually empty your shopping day is not a drama, but the result of good management. For storage by level and a few other tips, you can visit the site very useful http://organizen.fr/2014/10/comment-ranger-son-frigo/

-An also tidy freezer, with complementary products. For me the freezer, it's kinda the backup solution in case of surprise guests, or out of stock at the end of week, or even when I change of plan by envy. So I still have a lot of frozen organic vegetables (found everywhere now, even if those of organic shops are of good quality, I have to say that PICARD expands its portfolio in a good way). I have also pasta BIO ready, some organic salmon type, or colin fish, and herbs.

Third step: basic preparations

We discuss the step that must make you save time in the kitchen, and you can prepare each day a meal healthy and tasty, albeit a chore. The key lies in the preparation of several basic dishes, that you can enhance differently over the week.

-Some examples of these preparations:

-quinoa (in a salad, Tabbouleh, garnish with curry),

-ratatouille (in trim, lasagne of vegetables, with a poached egg and salad, etc…),

-red beans (in salads, in Chile, in soup),

-Rice (prepared in Cantonese, with salad, with slabs, risotto…)

Prepare a sufficient quantity of one or two bases Sunday for example, or when you have a little time, then decline them according to the recipes that we share on the blog. The idea is to introduce the elements needed to make a complete meal (protein, carbohydrates, lipids) at each meal. And to achieve zero waste, we give you ideas to use up leftover.

The Bases

1. La Ratatouille

A sunny and friendly dish!

Whether you prefer vegetables cut finely or coarsely, candied slowly or slightly crisp, ratatouille is a marvel of conviviality. Enjoy it cold or hot, alone or accompanying, in lasagne or slabs, once prepared, keep the treasured at the expense for the tasting several times in the week

Save time!

How to plan your ratatouille?
Several methods of preparation are available to you according to your tastes, of the time that you have and your motivation:

-Ultra fast for presses: ratatouille jars found in organic stores are of good quality (read labels: it must contain vegetables, olive oil and that's it!). You can spice it up a few vegetables left in the fridge (carrots,…) because they are very tomatoes, herbs and spices (thyme, Sage, Basil…).

-Fast for those who have some time: mixed vegetables for ratatouille's bio shops specialize in frozen.

-Longer but much better: ratatouille House which retains maximum nutrients and taste.
Ratatouille house – organization: you cut your vegetables market day and storing them in a container to refrigerate in separate layers by the food film in order of use for cooking. The binding is done!


The next day it remains more to start cooking: zero work ;-).






2. Idées et Recettes

But what these 2 kilos of ratatouille?

.. .not to panic! Here are some simple and tasty ideas:

-Vegetable Lasagna: the recipe here

-Purple artichokes stuffed with ratatouille (input):

-Cold ratatouille and poached egg (input)

-Slabs of Buckwheat with ratatouille

-Tortilla with ratatouille

-A quiche with ratatouille and mozzarella

And if still me have vegetables, I make what?

-Eggplant caviar: the recipe here

-A vegetarian moussaka: recipe here

-A shakshuka of Peppers: the recipe here

-Blanks of Zucchini

-A hot or cold vegetables minestrone

Other examples of bases for the week:

Rice, pasta, quinoa, red beans, cornmeal or bulgur, polenta… Each week we will add a new database which will be available in different recipes.

A Council to close this topic now: when you decided to Cook, plan to make several preparations at the same time. For example, nothing prevents you to cook the quinoa while you cut vegetables, or Soak beans, etc. It is taking used to do several things while you will become expert (e) into a pleasure to cook with efficiency!

At your pans!














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