Thierry Stumpf, lone…

The horses, the forge and the knives, the passions of

Thierry Stumpf!




The flame that anime is reflected in every project.

Passionate about horses like his father, this Cutler not as others had first intended to be a Jockey, he became blacksmith. At other times it would be Knight!




Today installed in the pretty village of Rosheim, at 30 Km of Strasbourg, the Alsatian pure strain, while he was too big to become a Jockey, traverse the France to make its learning of Maréchal ferrant in Normandy. When Thierry has a goal, he has the means.

This is why he has the chance to work in gorgeous Stud, and alternate between forge and horses.


Trained by a master of the Damascus!

Back in Alsace, he moved first to Mattstall, near the German border and a bit far from everything, it must be said…

He exercises the profession of Maréchal ferrant for many years, but over time, its activity being very physical, and little gainful, he decided to diversify by making knives.

At first he does not get results because of its lack of training and rudimentary equipment available to it. This is why he leaves apprenticeship with a pro, christian Avakian in the Drôme.

This expert in Damascus will complete his knowledge of fire during several training courses.


The first creations emerge…

The workshop of Rosheim:

This magic of artistic creation feeds thierry Stumpf.

When entering his Studio, time freezes, leaving place to only items

Fire, Metal, Air, combined in an alchemy that the artist seems to perfectly master.

A blank, worked and reworked appears an object which we guess little by little the contours and we imagine the edge.


A legacy

Thierry shares his expertise to many trainees and apprentices.

Intimate Cutlers of art each to express his talent, and maybe tomorrow to be part of the circle.

Here a little demonstration:


An apprentice at work:


Living from his Art?        … Modestly…

As most of these solitary artisans, Thierry Stumpf States that it is not easy to live this passion.

Each creation is unique, takes time as Damascus parts below. There is also not the blade, but also the sleeves sometimes made of expensive materials, as well as cases for straight knives. We don't sell a knife every day. So he continues to shoeing horses, sharpens knives hunters and a few cooks, and gladly responds now to do demonstrations in public at fairs and trade shows.

The village of Rosheim decided to help artisans patching this building in ruins right next to the workshop of Thierry.

Should settle there 2 other artisans to create a pole of creators, rich idea.

Its location at the entrance of the village, next to the Church and 2 steps from the tourist office is rather strategic.

Unique items

It's good to know that there are artisans in our villages to say again and again that there is nothing more beautiful which is the fruit of an ancestral know-how, of selected materials, done with taste and talent, but especially with lots of love!

And facing multiple industrial copies, what a joy to own one of these unique objects that convey so many authentic values!

Thierry Stumpf does not mask, it is genuine and discreet. And if these few lines you inspired to learn more, go attend one of his courses of 2 days. You will leave with your masterpiece and a unique experience!

For lovers of beautiful leaves, he has some for sale at quite reasonable prices.

All the information on its site http://www.couteaux-stumpf.com/


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