What is naturopathy?


We discovered the naturopathy through a friend, who had decided a few years back "about sticking" to change lane and change of life.



A meeting which has the meaning…

We discovered the naturopathy through a friend, who had decided a few years back "about sticking" to change lane and change of life.

At that time, I began to discover his contact this discipline which was completely unknown to me and I tended to classify in category "cool baba neo who eats seeds and salad". What she told me was full of common sense, but the implementation seemed really complicated in my everyday life of middle management which runs after the shows and has no time to make to eat (and eat short elsewhere).

It took me time, listening and reflection to gradually come to understand what it called me was actually really effective and not complicated… and that certain things such as diet, regular exercise, treat the plants… me were already well familiar as taught by my parents.

Like any natural approach for those who start from scratch, the effects felt after implementation in the long term.

Change his diet for better focus, have more energy and better ageing, this is not a magic potion that we drink, it requires time and some effort…

With our current culture of immediacy and all you want to and have to everything now, you eventually won't have the patience to test alternative approaches less "chemical" and more respectful of his body… but taking more time. So I left the time and everything that my friend told me has walked in me for several years.

I was regularly talking to my husband, who was even more skeptical than me at that time (even though it is today more radical than me!).

The birth of our daughter, was much discussed, and we took the turn of naturopathy more sharply.

With many questions:

This being brand-new, want t give him one?

Can it prevent him from absorbing too much pesticides?

Are you he really of additives everywhere?

May it teach him from his earliest age the true taste of things, so he could remember later and eat healthy foods?

Can you avoid him develop some allergies?

Can it enhance its natural defences to give him better weapons for the future?

Alors c’est quoi au juste la Naturopathie ?

Definition of the FENAHMAN

"naturopathy is the basic science encompassing the study, knowledge, education and the application of the laws of life to maintain, find and optimize health by natural means."

A healthy life

For Frédéric Boukobza (Director of the higher Institute of naturopathy, ISUPNAT and president of the federation of schools of naturopathy FENAHMAN),

Naturopathy is based on daily life hygiene in order to support physiological processes by stimulating 'vital energy' and its corollary, the principle of "self healing" present in all humans alive.

It includes two axes: prevention – education health and support of capacity of self-healing of the body.

It is worth remembering that naturopathy is recognized by the State in several countries in Europe as a medicine, notably in Germany and Switzerland. The "real" naturopathic training are courses with a duration of four years on average and include the in-depth study of Anatomy and human physiology.

To go further…

To further understand the naturopathy, here are a few questions to Elodie Noah, my naturopath friend:

1.    What is naturopathy?

2.    How can it be helpful?

3.    What would 4 habits to put in place to begin to feel better on a daily basis and better ageing?

4.    What impact these new habits on our health?

5.    Why are people afraid of change?

6.    How to find a qualified naturopathic doctor?

7.    What happens during a session?

His answers in our next Article



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